Order Received

We give these away for free, but we can’t do this alone forever.

We have spent a considerable amount of money buying the materials for these Gospel tract holders so that they can be given free of charge.

These Gospel tract holders are made by one man in our church, John Slifka.

You can help us continue this ministry by buying the materials John needs so that he can continue producing them. 

Instead of receiving monetary donations, we’d rather have you contact John and find out what he needs.  Due to the nature of leather, there is no one continuous source of the same type of leather. John finds the best deal for the right type of leather at the time. He can direct you to the current best source for materials and work with you to arrange for it to be delivered to his workshop.

Use the form below to contact John Slifka so you can help him continue to make these free leather Gospel tract holders!

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